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Gravure PVC shrink film ink

    It is benzene free ink specially for PVC heat shrink film. It is good fluidity, water proof, freeze proof, scratch resistant, etc.
    It is suitable for printing on all kinds of rigid PVC heat shrink film(tube) and normal PVC shrink films, which are mainly
    used for mineral water bottle, soft drink bottle and other package. It is also suitable for printing on PET heat shrink film
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基材.png    Applicable substrates:

    1.Normal and rigid PVC heat shrink film。

    2.PET heat shrink film

粘度.png   Printing viscosity:


产品特性.png   Product features:

    1. Vivid color, good color saturation, high color strength, good fluidity

    2. Water proof, freeze proof, non-blocking

    3. Good adhesion, smooth and good heat shrinka ble property

    4. Suitable for four color overprint of hierarchical dot, good transfer performance, clear hierarchy, good reproduction

操作.png   Dilution:

PS:It is benzene&ketone free ink. If user can accept toluene, then the suggested ratio is Toluene: IPA=8:2


注意事项.png   Notes:

    1. Shake well before open pail and stir well after adding diluent before use.

    2. Do not mix use with other ink to avoid printing trouble

    3. Prevent excessive moisture from entering ink to affect dot transfer

    4. Filter the used ink with 200 mesh filtration fabric and then keep sealed. Adding new ink can improve color strength and dot reproduction for used ink

    5. The benzene content complies with national standard below 500PPM. If user has special requirement, please contact with our technical service

    6. It is flammable item and should be stored in cool,


Disclaimer:The data shown in this document is based on actual production and test result generated within our company. Above data is only for reference and does not bear any legal guarantee responsibilities. Actual ink performance depends on application conditions and substrate etc. We suggest that users access whether current production conditions meet the application requirement of each product or not before printing. Since we cannot control the actual application and storage conditions, we cannot guarantee the final product performance. All product sales subject to our standard sales terms and conditions.