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Environmental protection

Environmental protection" is the core direction of the development of Chung Choi. Therefore, Chung Choi has been actively promoting environmental protection management, practising cleaner, reducing the generation and discharge of gas, water and solid waste, and at the same time, developing a series of green products to enter into different markets, so as to contribute to the construction of a more environmentally friendly and healthy living environment.

Sound environmental management

Zhongcai has a well-established organisation to oversee environmental matters, with the Safety and Environment Department responsible for implementing specific measures and monitoring progress on a day-to-day basis.

Maintaining a clean approach

Throughout the entire process, Colour has given careful consideration to environmental protection and conducted environmental risk assessments to ensure the long-term operation of the plant; the process reduces consumption, emissions and pollution;

It has a dedicated organisation and management procedures, pays attention to investment in safety, actively implements safety education and training, and effectively carries out supervision, inspection, hidden danger detection and emergency drills.

Fire drill

Environmental protection