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Gravure surface printing ink

    It uses premium polyamide resin as raw material and owns features of high color strength, high gloss, low odor, low residual solvent, etc. It is suitable for printing on treated PE&PP.The innovative ink is available besides standard one to meet different printing demand
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基材.png    Applicable substrates:

    1. Treated LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE&PO film ≥38 dyne

    2. Treated OPP, CPP film ≥38 dyne

    3. Glass film, cellulose film, and some PET films

    4. Paper, aluminum foil film and PVC aluminized film

几种.png   Applicable printing press:

    1. It has good printing stability and is widely used for different kinds of domestic and imported rotary gravure press.

    2. It can meet requirements of rotary gravure press with low to high printing speed(40-150m/min).

    3. HGX8 series is popular copper plate surface printing ink and used for medium-low rotary gravure press(60-260m/min).

    4. It is suitable for electronic engraved plate and etching plate with 15-50um, 150lpi or above.

产品特性.png   Product features:

    1. Specially suitable for low viscosity, high gloss and high color strength printing.

    2. Low odor, low residual solvent.

    3. Smooth ink film, good anti- heat blocking performance.

    4. Good rub resistance, good scratch resistance,good flexibility, good adhesion

    5. Good levelling property, good transferability, good pattern&dot reproduction.

操作.png   Dilution:

   The choice of diluent depends on printing plate, moisture, drying conditions and printing speed etc factors. In order to make full use of ink performance, it is suggested to use our matching diluent.

   Common diluent formulations:



    1. The above diluent formula is suggested formula, user can adjust it based on actual conditions.

    2. The diluent must be blended well before use, adding slowly while stirring.

    3. Avoid to use tar toluene, tar xylene, methanol, ethanol, IPA, 120# solvent to dilute. Electronic grade water, banana oil and redistilled solvent are forbidden.

    4. Generally, medium fast drying diluent is recommended. Slow drying diluent is recommended when rainy(high moisture) or high temperature weather. Fast drying diluent is recommended when low temperature weather

标号.png    Standard color number:


   PS: If you have special sun-proof requirement, please inform us before purchase

粘度.png    Printing viscosity

   It depends on printing speed, depth of plate and color strength, suggested viscosity is below:


添加剂.png    Additives/strong>

   In order to expand ink's application, additives below are developed to strengthen its features:


储存.png   Storage conditions

    1. It is flammable item and should be stored in cool, dry, and ventilated place, not in open air.Keep away from fire and direct sunlight

    2. The shelf life for normal color inks is one year, for metallic and fluorescent ink is 3 months.

    3. The pigment agglomeration will occur for diluted ink after store for some time, avoid to store diluted ink