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Solvent based flexo surface printing ink

    It is made up of high-end imported eco-friendly synthetic resin and functional additive and high-end organic(inorganic) pigment through strict dispersion&grinding process. It is suitable for printing on non-absorbent film(SPE, DPE, PE,
    OPP, pearlized film etc.) with surface tension≥38 dyne.The printed film is mainly used as package for soft drink, fast food, sanitary product, etc.
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基材.png    Applicable substrates:

    1. Treated SPE, DPE, PE. OPP, Pearlized film ≥38 dyne

    2. Wrapping paper, card paper, etc.

ad2206573f411813bce6b4b0042b183.png   Technical parameters:

    1. Viscosity: 10-30S (Zahn#3, 25℃)

    2. Fineness: ≤15um

    3. Adhesion: ≥95%

    4. Main solvent: alcohol

产品特性.png   Product features:

    1. Vivid color, good gloss, good printability, good scratch resistance, good adhesion, good performance on non-absorbent substrates.

    2. Exquisite ink layer, good saturation, clear halftone dot, fast drying, strong 3D effect

    3. Adjustable drying speed, stable viscosity, easy-to-use

    4. Eco-friendly ink, no smell in printing process,no odor on printed matter.

颜色.png   Dilution:


注意事项.png   Notes:

    1. The solvent's volatile speed and dissolving capacity are very important for printed matter's quality. Improper use will destroy the ink's film-forming property such as gloss, tincture etc. and probably damage doctor blade

    2. Add the diluent slowly while stirring to avoid pigment agglomeration due to partial overdilution

    3. Using cyclic ink-supplying device can prevent skinning and keep color hue stable.

    4. Keep sealed for used ink to store and stir well before use.

    5. Please filter the used ink with 300 mesh filtration fabric and blend it by 10-30% with new ink before use.