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Alcohol&ester soluble gravure surface printing high temperature ink

    it is benzene&ketone free and eco-friendly gravure surface printing ink for plastic film.lt is lowodor, low residual solvent, etclt is suitable for printing on environmental and high temperatureheat sealpackage.
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基材.png    Applicable substrates:

    1.Treated PE, CPP, SPP film ≥38 dyne

产品特性.png   Product features:

    1.Low odor.lowresidualsolvent.environmental

    2.High color strength,low viscosity, good adhesion

    3·Good transferability, clear hierarchy, good colorreproduction.suitable forhigh speed printing

    4·Smooth ink film,strong anti-heat blocking performance

    5·Glossy, suitable for surface printing

    6·High temperature resistant

操作.png   Dilution:

The choice of diluent depends on printing plate, moisture, drying condition and printing speed etc factors.In order to make ful use ofink performance it is suggested to use our matching diluent.

Common diluentformula:


粘度.png    Printing viscosity:

    1、Highspeedcombined printing press


    2、Mid-lowspeedrotary printingpress


颜色.png   Color scope:

Our standard color card is available and can mix basic colors to get popular colors accordinaly.If you have special requirement for color, please provide the color sample and our professiona colorist will serve vou.

储存.png   Storage conditions:

    1.Store at 5-35C, keep away from direct sunlight.

    2.lt can be used after defrosting if freezing occurs due to low temperature.

    3.The shelf life for normal color ink is 12 months, for metallic and fluorescent ink is 3 months

    4.The diluted ink should be finished as soon as possible to avoid deterioration for long-term storage

注意事项.png   Notes:

    1.The surface tension must be z38 dyne for PECPPSPP film.

    2.For diluent, adding it slowly while stirring. Control the ink viscosity to avoid excessive addition. For used ink.the new ink should be added into it , and diluent can not be added into it separately.

    3·The humidity of workshop should be at around 60%.

    4.ltis not forlamination.

    5. lt is not for cosmetic, dessert, retort food package. The ink of printed matter can not be contactedwith garment directly.

    6.The sample testis necessary before bulk production.