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Water based gravure surface printing ink for PVC shrink film

    It is water based gravure surface printing ink for PVC shrink film. lt is suitable for all kinds of PVC heat shrink film andnormal PVC film.lt owns good properties on low odor, scratch resistance, liquidity, adhesion, redissolvability etc.
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用途.png    Application:

    ltis applicable to printing on external packagefor drinking water, mineral water, soft drink etc and also PET shrink film package.

基材.png    Applicable substrates:

    1.PVC heat shrink film

    2.Normal PVC film

    3.PET heat shrink film.

产品特性.png   Product features:

    1.High gloss, vivid color, no smell on printed matter.

    2.Good anti-blocking performance.

    3.Good scratch resistance, good rub resistance.

    4.Good water resistance, good adhesion.

    5. Good printability, anti-drying plate, excellent redissolvability.

    6. Safety and environment protection, non-toxic,very little VOC residue, comply with VOC regulation.

颜色.png   Color scope:

    Our standard color card is available and can mix basic colors to get popular colors accordingly.If you have special requirement for color, please provide the color sample and our professional colorist will serve you.

使用.png   Service Conditions:    

   1. lt is water based ink and can be diluted by water directly. The ethanol can be added too if necessary. The diluent shouldbe mixed well before use. It is not suggested to add water or ethanol while using ink.

    2. The pure water or distilled water is recommended. Do not use mineralized water or tap water because the metal ion frommineralized water or tape water may react with the resin from ink. The residual ink is liable to generate bacterium andstinks therefore.

    3. The printing speed should be 120-250m/min(add more ethanol if printing speed is faster), adjust the ink viscosityaccording to printing speed.

    4. Drying conditions: The drying equipment(drying oven) is a must for printing machine. The drying temperature should be55-65'C.Within the affordable range, the higher temperature and greater air flow, the better for drying of printed matter(The effect of air flow is greater than that of temperature).

    5. It is suggested to use water printing plate to attain better drying effect.

储存.png   Storage conditions:

    1. Store at 5-35°C, keep away from direct sunlight, avoid freezing and high temperature.

    2. The shelf life for normal colors is 12 months, for Gold and Silver colors is 3 months.

    3. The diluted ink should be finished as soon as possible to avoid deterioration for long-term storage.

注意事项.png   注Notes:

    1 Stir well before use.

    2.lt is for surface printing only, not for lamination.

    3Please make adhesion test after 24 hours after printing.

    4. Please make sample test on different substrates before use.

    5. f you have special reguirement for long time sun-proof, light-proof, water-proof etc., please let usknow before purchase.