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PU gravure compound ink

    It uses ester-soluble PU resin as main component and is suitable for PET, BOPP, NY film. It is an eco-friendly compound
    ink and some colors are applicable to boiling and retorting .
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用途.png    Application:

    It is suitable for printing on high temperature steam retorting, boiling and light package product.


基材.png    Applicable substrates:

    1. Treated PET film ≥50 dyne

    2. Treated NY film ≥52 dyne

    3. Treated BOPP film ≥38 dyne

成分.png   Main components:

    1. Resin: ester-soluble PU resin

    2. Solvent: ester/alcohol/ether

    3. Additive: dispersant/anti-tack agent

    4. Pigment: organic/inorgnic pigment

产品特性.png   Product features:

    1. No addition of benzene and ketone during ink production

    2. Very little residual solvent, suitable for food package

    3. Good transfer and solvent release property, especially suitable for high speed printing.

颜色.png   Dilution:

    The choice of diluent depends on printing plate, moisture, drying conditions and printing speed etc factors.In order to make full use of ink performance, it is suggested to use our matching diluent

   Common diluent formula:


    Generally, the fast drying diluent is for solid plate printing or high speed printing. The medium drying diluent is for normal printing, and the slow drying diluent is for low speed printing. The user can adjust the solvent ratio according to actual conditions, but need to pay attention to solvent residue and set-off phenomenon while using the slow drying diluent.

用途.png    Standard color number:


储存.png   Storage conditions:

    1.Flammable and volatile. Store in cool and ventilated place, keep sealed, avoid direct sunlight.

    2. Shake well before open the pail, it is best to use at 15-30℃.

    3. Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes, refer to MSDS for details

注意事项.png   Notes:

    1. Generally, the ink does not need additive. 3-5% anti-tack agent can be added if use on double sides treated film. The excessive addition may affect lamination performance

    2. When use gold and silver ink with water based glue for lamination, ensure the ink's surface tension meet the process requirement

    3. For BOPP printing, please consult for special purpose model or add adhesion promoter to increase lamination strength. The dose is 0.3-0.8%. The addition of anti-tack agent and adhesion promoter will not affect ink's storage stability

    4. When printing on PET and NY for boiling and retorting application, please ensure the compatibility between ink and glue

    5. It is single component ink, but 3-5% hardener can be added for retorting or other special application. The excessive addition will decrease ink`s storage stability

    6. When printing on NY film, it is necessary to add 3-4% hardener to avoid moisture absorption risk

    7. Please assess the ink performance by yourself when use for ultra-high temperature retort at 121-135℃.