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Tendency of high-tech type of ink

  • Company News | 2023-09-25

  1、Anti-counterfeit marking inks: to complete the unique packaging printing needs.

  In order to integrate into the sales market must, a can be used to wine and tobacco packaging sunlight-type colour-changing Perspex anti-counterfeiting logo ink and hand temperature-type colour-changing Perspex anti-counterfeiting logo ink to the market, its main features, first, the use of sunlight-type colour-changing and hand temperature-type colour-changing new science and technology raw materials, with raw materials, can be partitioned into different areas of the planning. Secondly, the ink has many ingredients, production line equipment, capital investment, complicated processing technology, production and processing difficulty coefficient, the general public is difficult to imitate Thirdly, it has a variety of anti-counterfeiting marking role, such as image, daylight colour change, hand temperature colour change; defensive, Perspex colour change. Fourth, the identification is convenient. The use of direct natural light or hand temperature heating can be identified, but also the use of universal ultraviolet germicidal lamp banknote inspection instrument.

  This kind of new type of anti-counterfeiting marking ink technically has the following characteristics: Firstly, it chooses the basic principle of electrochemical luminescence, and completes the uniqueness of the glittering light of the test. According to the customer must, choose to have intellectual property rights protection of special Perspex chemical substances, with a unique fingerprint verification role. The only spectrometer qualitative analysis of the ink to achieve the purpose of maintaining the goods are not counterfeit. Secondly, the reliability of the raw material of sunlight discolouration and hand temperature discolouration is very high, and it gets rid of the defects of easy brittleness which is a common phenomenon of the current anti-counterfeiting marking ink. Thirdly, it has the speciality of commodity brand-specific anti-counterfeiting marking ink secret formula lock, that is, according to the customer must, with the only extremely strong, qualitative analysis of anti-counterfeiting marking ink commodities to achieve the purpose of maintaining commodities. Fourthly, the new anti-counterfeit marking ink can be used in all the packaging printing methods immediately in the alcohol and tobacco packaging bags of copper plate paper, paper card, plastic film and other raw materials packaging printing hidden or coloured plates of the anti-counterfeit marking of the text map.

  2、Electronic inks: completing intelligent screen printing

  Indigo's colourful intelligent presses present a unique composition of roles based on the technical and practical operation of its colourful intelligent presses.Indigo printing equipment all choose electronic inks Indigo's distinctive liquid inks. Electronic ink includes energised liquid ink particles, which makes it possible to electronically manipulate the part of the package printing particles in digital printing. Electronic ink can do very small particles (1-2μm), that small particles so that package printing can do higher screen resolution and smoothness, dynamic blurring of the image edges, resulting in a particularly thin image layer. (1) standard colour three primary colours CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black); (2) wide colour gamut six-colour settings to enhance the orange red, purple, so that the ability to reproduce the work of colour reproduction far exceeds the original four-colour basically reproduce the work of colour reproduction ability; (3) and PANTONE-compatible Indigo colour sample system software; (4) no colour printing process raw materials opaque opal coating; ((5) Perspex ink. 5) Perspex ink.

  This digital screen printing technicality accomplishes numerous advantages by virtue of its electronic inks and other advantages:

  (1) Edge motion blur and picture quality.As can be clearly seen from the low magnification results, the image produced by the electronic ink has a clearer dynamic blur than the image produced by the electrostatic induction print powder. This advantage is even more pronounced in the case of continuous tone images for package printing. The dynamic blurring of the e-ink image is clearer at the edges of a neutral-coloured continuous tone image or a carefully printed text image. Special attention is also paid to the cleanliness of the e-ink image with zero contamination. This advantage comes from the fine particles of e-ink and its e-ink particles in the package printing is transferred to the paper method.

  (2) Expansion of the business network and consistency of colours.Dot gain refers to the tendency of a packaged print's edge-to-edge wireframe image to spread out under pressure, and can be manipulated by Indigo's data colour presses, which are calibrated so that the packaged print's dots stay within the required specifications. In addition, the Indigo packaging presses automatically adjust the optimum relative density (e.g. darkness of appearance) and dot size so that every print has the same appearance.

  (3) Image smoothness.Many people believe that the key to quality in gravure printing is the smoothness of the image, but this is not the case. The key to quality lies in the evenness of the image, and Indigo printing equipment, unlike electrostatically induced powder printing equipment or printers, only outputs an image of the same smoothness regardless of the material on which the paper is being printed, which will result in a shift in smoothness in darker areas (e.g., solid powder masking) and brighter areas (areas not covered by powder). The electronic ink image matches the smoothness of the printing process material, as in the case of a conventional printing press, and creates the actual effect of ranging from non-smooth to dim to high brightness.

  After comparing the different data and the smoothness characteristics of the printing presses, it is stated in the operation process that the idealised smoothness of the electronic ink can mostly meet the requirements of various printing papers except for ultra-smooth paper. Electronic inks have an advantage over offset inks for printing papers with a medium level of light detection, but offset inks have an advantage in the ultra-smooth printing paper industry.

  (4) Off-colour.Electronic ink can be based on international colour specifications for packaging printing. This specification all to four-colour standard colour three primary colours CMYK (green, magenta, yellow, black) as the basic. Offset printing based on different norms apply different ink formula, and electronic ink on different norms only choose a set of colours. Electronic ink according to the electronic adjustment of the ink concentration value (the concentration value of the colour) to suit the different must. The unique characteristics of the electronic ink and the ink's electrical characteristics of the decision-making it in the four-colour basic distinctive role. In addition to the four-colour colour triad for packaging printing, the electronic ink of the colour sample system software extends the colour saturation to a level that is not possible with the four-colour colour triad. The colour sample ink system software can carry out six-colour packaging printing, developing the image of the choice of a transfer paper technology.

  (5) Timely dryness.As the electronic ink dries and solidifies as it is transferred to the print process, the As the electronic ink dries as it is transferred to the printing process, the finished product dries as it leaves the Indigo printing machine. Electronic inks do not require further drying solutions and can be dried without emissions. In addition, electronic ink must only 100, the relative low temperature so that the printing process is not easy to be heated. Destroyed or rolled.

  (6) Colourfastness in sunlight.The melanin particulate matter encapsulated in the plastic epoxy resin of the electronic ink will block the melanin component from being oxidised or harmed by humidity in the body, especially in the obvious gaze of ultraviolet irradiation, and the electronic ink has an advantage over the traditional type screen printing ink in these aspects.

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